June 4, 2011


The lampposts at the Rizal Park have two decorations which are reminders of our colonial past: the kalesa of the Spanish era

kalesa decoration on a lamp post in Rizal Park

and the eagle of the American era.

eagle decoration on a lamp post in Rizal Park


DeeBee L. said...

Lovely details, hope they won't be removed as they are History!

Al said...

It's amazing what you can find when you look around. Do people in the Philippines resent the colonial past? My country of birth (England) certainly has plenty to be ashamed of in its treatment of its colonies, but that's true of all empires.

Misalyn said...

interesting! mula ng makahawak ako ng camera, natuto akong tumingin sa mga details kahit sa mga simpleng lamp posts :)

Mula sa mga previous posts mo about Luneta, lalo akong nako-convince na dumaan muna bago umuwi sa Bicol sa bakasyon.

brattcat said...

subtle detail, excellent observation.

Francisca said...

Very cool. I've never noticed there details.