May 2, 2012

Not real

sunflower decorations at Eastwood Mall It is summer in the Philippines and Eastwood Mall's central atrium is decorated with gigantic sunflowers. Red sunflowers may not be real, but their fiery color is most appropriate, with Manila's temperatures already hitting—and going beyond—36˚C (98˚F). Factor in the humidity and it's not surprising that "malling" (which isn't a real word, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary) is a part of our Filipino-English vocabulary.


Rob and Mandy said...

That's very hot.. We have 18 degrees, and it's nice

Oakland Daily Photo said...

In hot parts of the US people do early morning "mall walking" for their exercise in these air conditioned buildings. I'm sure "mall walking" isn't in Webster's either, but it takes dictionary makers a while to catch up with oral language. Keep cool, Hilda. Summer sounds like a scorcher in Manila.

Anonymous said...

I envy those who love those kinds of temperatures. I have grown red colored sunflowers before and bronze colored one. This year I only planted the old-fashioned large ones.

Hello from Brookville, Ohio, home of Abraham Lincoln. Yes, the one related to President Lincoln. You can see his hometown blog at this link: Brookville Daily Photo

George said...

Sunflowers may not be red, but that red sunflower is beautiful (as are the others).

Cezar and Léia said...

Oh Hilda, I'm envious, the weather here is not so good.I want sunshine and warm days!
Great shot!
hugs and a nice week,


Prem said...

Red sunflowers do exist for real, somewhere in Mexico.