October 17, 2012


The Human Nature flagship store (see yesterday's post) has a cafe on the second floor called the Enchanted Farm Cafe, named after the Gawad Kalinga community farm in Angat, Bulacan.

fresh spring rolls at Enchanted Farm Cafe Angat is only about 40km from Quezon City, where the cafe is located. The ingredients which are used in the dishes, many of which are vegetarian, are very fresh and crispy.

salad with salted duck eggs at Enchanted Farm Cafe Part of the cafe's mission is "to create a sustainable lifestyle for the poor by creating a market for their products," and the other ingredients that they use—like the salted duck eggs in the salad—are produced by social enterprises.

pandesal sandwiches with kesong puti and salted duck eggs at Enchanted Farm Cafe As is the kesong puti (literally, white cheese) in the pandesal (bread of salt) sandwich. I should go lacto-ovo vegetarian more often. We came out of Enchanted Farm Cafe feeling full but not heavy.


Cezar and Léia said...

Yummy! :)
I would love to try for sure!

Tamera said...

I'm a vegetarian -- I'd love to eat there! It all looks delicious!