May 13, 2013

"Official" graffiti

graffiti courtesy of Quezon City councilor Jessica Castelo Daza In a country full of politicians who slap their names and faces on publicly-funded projects every chance they get, Quezon City's politicians are probably the worst. They don't even wait for projects—if there's a blank wall, it'll end up with one local politician or another's name, in the guise of public reminders. Similar to Vincent Belmonte's sign, councilor Jessica Castelo Daza says that "Cleanliness is a sign of a progressive nation." I guess neither realize that cleanliness isn't just the absence of garbage.

Today, we troop to our voting precincts for national and local elections. I honestly still don't know which local candidates to vote for.



Ah, sounds like politics as usual! Amazing how universal this is, you could well be describing our state.

Rob Siemann said...

Yeah, clean politicians. Sounds like a joke. The motto in Spain nowadays is something like: to clean Spain, and get out of the crisis (27% unemployment), let's get rid of bankers and politicians.

Rob Siemann said...

By the way, a beautiful Pinoy post tomorrow on Barcelona Daily Photo!