June 16, 2011

Food trip

My last post about our short vacation in Baguio City is about the one thing that many Filipinos consider essential to a good vacation, wherever it may be: food. And Baguio has a plethora of places to eat, from tiny eateries along busy roads to elegant and romantic restaurants, any of which might offer regional or international cuisine. So here are some of the places where we ate; but no photos of the food—fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view. :)

Our room at Casa Vallejo came with breakfast for two at their Hill Station restaurant everyday. We just had to have dinner there once too; their specialty dishes are all slow-cooked.

Hill Station restaurant at Casa Vallejo in Baguio City

PNKY Travel Café is owned by a family that loves to travel. The menu is very international but the recipes have all been tweaked to take advantage of Baguio's wonderfully fresh vegetables and fruits.

PNKY Travel Café in Baguio City

Forest House Bistro and Café: warm interiors, elegant place settings, a beautiful mountain view, and absolutely gorgeous salads.

Forest House Bistro and Café in Baguio City

There is nothing fancy about Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop, which is located on Session Road, Baguio's central and busiest thoroughfare. Just good, solid and inexpensive pasta and pizza, and lots of cakes. The restaurant itself is small, but they seem to be one of the most popular caterers in the city.

Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop in Baguio City

The dishes of Café by the Ruins are chosen to feature some of the best natural ingredients of the region but that does not necessarily mean that the recipes themselves are regional, though some are. It also has a lot of vegetarian options, which I think has to do with the fact that many of its regular clientele are artists and writers.

Café by the Ruins in Baguio City


Olivier said...

une belle collection de restaurants, j'aime la derniere photo

Photo Cache said...

Looks like Baguio has indeed blossomed into a global dining destination.

Chattahoochee Valley Daily said...

What a great collection of shots.

Leif Hagen said...

The Forest House looks like an artsy, cozy place with a tropical garden feel! I'll meet you their for lunch on Friday!

AB said...

Mouthwatering! But I guess I have to go to Baguio to experience such delicacies

Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour sweet Hilda,
Charming restaurants there!The first picture is wonderful, love that stair and the last one is very nice as well, cool decoration!

Montreal Photo Daily said...

I'm a food lover myself. So, judging by this post, Baguio City would be a must on my itinerary if I ever pass through. My favorite would be Cafe by the Ruins.

Happy Thursday from Montreal!

brattcat said...

yumm, i feel as if you've taken us on a delicious tour. thank you.

Kaori said...

Mmmm! I'm interested in the vegetarian dishes at Cafe by the Ruins. Although I LOVE the staircase in your first photo, that is gorgeous! :D

Rob Siemann said...

Oh my, so many gorgeous places! Wouldn't know where to go first

Lowell said...

You had me with the word, "plethora"! I'd follow you to any or all of these restaurants! Excellent photos!

Francisca said...

Nice selection of Baguio eateries. I like the atmosphere at Café by the Ruins, but I don't remember the food. ;-)

khalil said...

Great!!! I want to go here with the girl i've met in LoveRepublik.com. :)

Patricia Evans said...

I agree.. Baguio blossomed much better in our generation. Those places looks so yummy even just by looking on its front. I want to visit the Forest House someday.

Edwin said...

Café by the Ruins is an institution, used to go there a lot with the usual suspects of artists and writers from the now defunct Baguio Arts Guild. The city may be in the boondocks but the resto scene always had an international flair.

My picks (some are probably gone by now):
(1) Swiss Made Euro Deli, a proper deli/cafe and they did their own cured meats and wurst
(2) the Swiss Baker, so authentic I'm transported back home when I go to a bakery here in Switzerland
(3) Sunshine Lunch & Panciteria, nothing fancy but real good handmade noodles
(4) Rose Bowl, chinese served on proper china
(5) Steakhouse along Session Road, not for steak but for Sans Rival
(6) and of course the original don henricos.

There's a hole in the wall which served the best bulalo ever. It's on an alley parallel to Session road but forgot its name.

Now I'm hungry!