March 12, 2012

Thorns and brambles in the kingdom

Gino Gonzales' set for PETA Theater's production of 'Haring Lear'
The set and costumes of PETA Theater's recent production of Shakespeare's "Haring Lear" was designed by Gino Gonzales, whose mentor was National Artist for Theater Design Salvador "Badong" Bernal, who passed away late last year. A true disciple of Badong, one of Gino's principles when designing for local theater is to use indigenous, inexpensive and easily-available materials; otherwise, theater in the country would languish, becoming prohibitively expensive. Like Badong, this self-imposed limitation unleashes Gino's creativity, and his simple yet powerful set is as sad, dark and nightmarish as the tale's betrayals and insanities.


asshtome said...

Its very nice play, i've seen it, specially the props.

George said...

This is an incredible set. I can easily imagine King Lear being presented on this stage.

Anonymous said...

It is unreal like I would never expect to see something this difficult to put together. Wow.

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Lowell said...

Greetings, Hilda! Thanks for visiting our new website.

Got to say this is very impressive. I embiggened the photo and it really does looks dark and scary!

I'm sure the play was done well, too!

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Halcyon said...

A really unique set. I bet the show was good too!

Rob Siemann said...

Seen King Lear 2-3 times, but this is a new one to me. Very, very impressive.
As to answering your question, I will show you Barcelona's cathedral's interior soon, most probably this coming weekend or next week.

Unknown said...

What a fantastic set! Very powerful.