June 20, 2014

Octopus arms

Team Manila t-shirt printing machine "There can be no tyrants where there are no slaves."
~Jose Rizal (1861–1896), Philippine national hero

A couple of friends and I spent Philippine Independence Day, June 12, at the Ayala Museum. We got to silkscreen our own t-shirts courtesy of Team Manila, which brought its ScreenMachine for the event. In keeping with the occasion, the design they chose was a stylized Philippine flag with the year that the country declared its independence from Spain, 1898. The shirt in the foreground is still missing the red part, which is the pattern on the silkscreen frame on the right. Notice that the ScreenMachine just holds the tees and silkscreen frames—the printing still has to be done manually. In a country with a 7% unemployment rate and an 18% underemployment rate, I completely approve of Team Manila's production choice.


William Kendall said...

I've never seen a machine like this before. I like the shirt design.

Gerald (SK14) said...

I wondered what this was until you explained.

Unknown said...

Very interesting! Great title.