September 26, 2010

Tolling for a century

Here is a side view of the 1896 St. John the Baptist Parish Church, better known locally as Pinaglabanan Church, showing the bell tower which is separate from the main church. You can also see here where its unusually-shaped but beautiful stained glass window is.

Pinaglabanan Church


Anonymous said...

A beautiful mean to measure time.

Please have you all a good Sunday.

daily athens

Jacob said...

Very striking architecture...

Did you hear about the poor man who came to the priest and asked for some work and the priest, very busy, looked up at him quickly, then waved him off, saying, "Yes, yes, go clean the church bell and I'll pay you if you do a good job."

So the man climbed the bell tower but just as he was starting to clean the bell, it rang, knocking him in the head and out of the bell tower down to the ground where he expired.

Soon a crowd gathered around the body and people were asking who he was...the priest heard the commotion and walked outside to the group.

One of the women asked him, "Father, do you know this man?"

The priest looked the body over carefully, then said, "No, can't say that I do, but his face sure rings a bell!"

Sorry! Couldn't resist.

Cezar and Léia said...

Interesting that the bell tower is detached... Nice architecture overall!
God bless you!

SRQ said...

Lovely....particularly set against that crisp blue sky.

arabesque said...

wow! beautiful hilds! ^0^
looks like it was somewhere
in south Italy. the angle and lighting was just perfect.

Christian Lucas Sangoyo said...

nice looking church! is this within the metro too? would love to visit this!

Francisca said...

That a pretty angle with soft lighting. I like your photo, Hilda. (It was crazy week for me; trying to catch up on blogging a bit... yours is a favorite, Hilda.)