November 25, 2012

Guiding light

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse The Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, also known as the Burgos Lighthouse after the town in the province of Ilocos Norte where it is located, is the highest elevated original Spanish colonial era working lighthouse in the Philippines. It also marks the northwestern-most point in the island of Luzon. Construction on the lighthouse began in 1887 and it was first lit on March 30, 1892 to guide Spanish ships away from the rocky coast of the area. The octagonal stone and brick tower is topped with a bronze cupola, and used to be equipped with a kerosene lamp and Fresnel lens, though the light nowadays is provided by an electric lamp powered by solar panels.


Dina said...

I love old lighthouses. Yours is beautiful.

Paul B said...

I too like lighthouses. A Leeds engineer built the Eddystone Lighthouse, one of the most well known here in the UK.