November 23, 2012


halo-halo Halo-halo (literally, mix-mix) is a popular Filipino dessert. It is made of various sweetened, preserved fruits and beans—which usually includes nata de coco (jellied coconut water), kaong (sugar palm fruit), saba (plantain), langka (jackfruit), kidney beans and garbanzos (chickpea)—topped with shaved ice, sugar and milk. Really special ones include all or a combination of ube (purple yam preserve), leche flan (a very sweet egg and milk flan) and ice cream. You first have to mix everything well before eating it. It doesn't look quite as pretty afterward, but it sure tastes great!


Dina said...

Hi Hilda! Wow, that sounds like a meal in itself. Beans with sweet things--that could be good. It's pretty, for sure.

Tamera said...

Oh that looks soooooooooo good! I just spent a week with my cousins and ninang, and I ate Filipino food every single day. It was so awesome. We didn't have halo halo though, but we had turon, adobo, tinola, fried rice, bibingka (my favorite!), ube... it was crazy good!

buecherdidi said...

Hi Hilda,
during my stay, I tried Halo-Halo several times, and I loved it. First time I tried it was in a little fast food restaurant in the Beasement of the Ever Gotesco Mall at Commonwealth Boulevard in Quezon City.
Back in Germany we tried to imitate it, but it is not the same. Our baby will have to come to the Philippines to taste the real thing! Thank you for the posting and allthe information in your blog!

crossbow said...

I miss this!