February 23, 2013

And stay out!

textured concrete house with faux tile roof Similar in style to the house yesterday, and probably built around the same period, this house caught my eye because of the varied yet neatly-planted shrubs in its frontage, and the castle-like stone accent at the corner. Even the small windows remind me of arrow slits in fortifications. What look like tiles on the roof are actually pre-painted galvanized iron sheets, which are more affordable and easier to maintain than real tiles. Almost all houses in Manila (in all urban areas in the Philippines, actually) are walled and gated—with a big gate for cars, and a smaller one for people. The pedestrian gate is usually where the door bell is located, and some, like this one, have a mailbox built in.


Red Nomad OZ said...

It doesn't look very welcoming - but I guess if that stops it from being robbed, the owners would be happy!!

Lowell said...

I like this one and the previous one. Not unlike homes in southern Florida, although most are not gated. The communities might be gated, though.