February 12, 2013

Monsters in the forest

outdoor stage for Entablado's production of Labaw Donggon: Ang Banog ng SanlibutanEntablado, one of Ateneo de Manila University's student theater groups, is ending its season with a musical titled "Labaw Donggon: Ang Banog ng Sanlibutan," which is based on one part of a 28,000-verse epic poem from the island of Panay called "Hinilawod." The epic tells of the adventures of a goddess who chose a mortal to be her husband, and the adventures of their three sons, the eldest of whom is Labaw Donggon. Entablado chose to stage the play outdoors, selecting an area of the campus with a bamboo grove, which they integrated into the set. It was a great idea, and made Labaw Donggon's adventures feel more real.

My little camera couldn't handle the movement in the low light, so if you want to see photos of the equally fantastic costumes, visit this album in Entablado's Labaw Donggon page in Facebook.


Dina said...

That must have been exciting to watch.
Blue and green together are always beautiful.

Photo Cache said...

looks like a must see. i know my camera cannot handle anything low light much less something moving in low lights.

Lowell said...

Monsters in the forest sounds a bit scary...but I'd guess everyone had a great time.

Cezar and Léia said...

An interesting open air presentation!
Cool image with the lights and the trees at night!