March 31, 2008


People in Manila generally don't like walking. Blame it on the heat (or rain, depending on what season it is), humidity, pollution, and the fact that quite a lot of our streets still don't have sidewalks. If you don't have a car, motorcycle or scooter, this means having to take public transportation. Aside from taxi cabs, public transportation on Manila's major roads includes elevated trains, buses and jeepneys. On smaller neighborhood roads though, the way to get around is by pedicabs and tricycles. This is a tricycle, a motorcycle with a covered side car. Before you ask, no, it isn't safe—no seatbelt, no door, no safety measures whatsoever. Neither is it comfortable—no suspension system, so you feel every bump in the road and if you're tall like me, your head will hit the ceiling with every bump (I've taken to stooping and looking at my feet every time I ride in one). Also, tricycle drivers seem to think that just because they're small, they're exempt from all traffic rules. Notice how this one's parked in a yellow-striped corner (and I won't be surprised if the guy doesn't even know what those black and yellow stripes mean).


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Layrayski said...

Ang tricycles ninyo ay traditional ang type no? Sidecar talaga siya. Kaya pala nasisikipan kang sumakay. Hihi