March 28, 2008

White and simple

I've been seeing this little white flower since I was a kid, yet until now I don't know what it's called. I don't even remember anyone actually referring to it or talking about it. It grows anywhere and everywhere, and blooms in all three seasons—summer, rainy, cold. Its leaves are round and waxy, and its roots are very shallow, which is why it can grow anywhere, even in the cracks between paving stones. The gentlest tug will uproot the entire plant, yet in the strongest typhoons, the stem bends almost to the ground and it survives. The flowers are simple and don't have any particular scent. Most of them are white with yellow centers and this one with a fuschia center is unusual. The other day, though, I saw a variety with purple blooms. Leave me a note if you know its name. (PHOTO BY DOGBERRY)

white Madagascar Periwinkle

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Hilda said...

It's a Madagascar Periwinkle (Catharanthus)! Finally.

Thanks to R. Shantaram of Chennai Daily Photo for pointing me in the right direction.