August 31, 2008

Bay view

The hotels, apartments and office buildings of the Malate, Manila area of Roxas Boulevard as seen across the harbor of the Manila Yacht Club on an overcast Saturday evening.

Malate, Manila skyline


Dina said...

Wow!! what a relaxing looking shot!! Nice one.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Hilda, sorry I can't visit very often but I really enjoy your blog because of the very interesting commentaries you add. I've gone back to all you latest posts and feel I know Manila better from reading you. Thanks !

Stevenson Q said...

very relaxing! I love it Hilda! I just love Manila! It's the best City ever! Especially divisoria! Grabe jajajaja I like malls but no one can replace Divisoria for me! Just there yesterday! jajaja

God bless you and your fmily!


angela said...

This is very serene, the water's barely moving. Nice shot.

Ken Mac said...

a very flattering new pic!

marley said...

Good waterside photo. I like the reflections in the bay.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your comment in my Joensuublog!
I finished it, but I publish photos in this URL:

Welcome, when you have an extra time:)

We older Finns feel like Manila could be our relative city because of her :

Armi was beloved by Finns after the WWII and then we all got Philippine son-in-law :)
I was a child, when I saw Armi in her pink evening dress and a black
velvet bolero. I remember it the whole my life.

Anonymous said...

It made you cry? That's a great shot. Nearly perfect. But all your other photographs are wonderful as well. And it's not just the camera. You have the eye. Believe it.