September 14, 2008

Manhattan in Manila

After more than 15 years, West Side Story is again being performed in Manila, staged by a theater group headed by two actors who starred in the 1982 production. The 2008 production stars popular Filipino balladeer Christian Bautista, who became popular in Indonesia and Singapore before he became known here, in the roll of Tony. Maria is being played alternately by pop singer Karylle and Joanna Ampil, a musical theater actress who has been acting in the UK and Australia since the early 1990s. Of course, we were hoping we'd get Joanna. And of course, we got Karylle. For a Philippine production, the stage was pretty elaborate. Here you see the set-up for the opening scene. Each of those structures is on wheels and have rooms on platforms behind them. Pardon the fuzzy picture. I had to take it on the sly, and only one shot because—you guessed it—taking photos was prohibited. Really, one of these days I'm going to get caught and kicked out of a theater. I can just see my husband's newspaper column: "She's not my wife! I don't even know her!"

stage of the 2008 production of West Side Story in Manila


angela said...

Did you enjoy the show? The set looks pretty exciting..

Laurie Allee said...

Hilda, this is one of my favorite musicals of all time. (I also love The Fantasticks -- if you ever see it produced there, RUN to see it, the music is just beautiful and it's a very elegant, poetic story.) I've only seen West Side Story live on stage once and it was thrilling.

(These sneaky shots of yours are exciting!)

-K- said...

I don't have much patience with musicals but West Side Story I always enjoy. And as more time passes since it was written, it seems almost quaint.

marley said...

Westside Story is a beautiful show/film. Its ione of my favourites. It never fails to bring a tear to my eye. Glad you didn't get caught taking this photo!

Thanks for visiting me while I've been busy :)

b.c. said...

that must have been fun, and i do like these sneaky shots, very cheeky indeed

Ken said...

I have never seen it on stage but I did buy the DVD a fews years ago so I could watch It.

Knoxville Girl said...

You naughty girl. I like you secret theater shots, just stay out of trouble!
And thanks for your visit. You are not weird. You are very sweet & I appreciate your comments.

Shoshana said...

Hi Hilda, that's awesome. I want to go to New York to see a Broadway show, preferably with Leah Salonga in it.

Dallas has a few shows, but not like NY.

Also, if you happen to see a picture of Mailbox or letter box or anything related to post, please post and join my Mailbox Monday. I actually have the post up on Sunday.

Shoshana said...

I forgot to say that it's at Dallas Daily

USelaine said...

I love your descriptions of sneaking these. 8^) That musical has great songs, and yes, is a tear-jerker. I've never seen it live.

Unknown said...

It looks like a great set!
Hope you will never be caught, so we can see your forbidden photos!... :-)

Oleanderman said...

Marvellous, it looks great. I should imagine that at any one time WWS is being performed somewhere in the world.

Olivier said...

cela doit être un spectacle superbe, surtout avec les chansons du film que j'adore...

this should be a great show, especially with the songs of the film that I love ...

Puerto Rico
My heart's devotion
Let it sink back in the ocean
Always the hurricanes blowing
Always the population growing
And the money owing
And the sunlight streaming
And the natives steaming
I like the island Manhattan
Smoke on your pipe
And put that in!

I like to be in America
Okay by me in America
Everything free in America"

• Eliane • said...

Did you sing along "I feel pretty, oh, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright! And I pity any girl who isn't me tonight."