December 23, 2012

Island view

facade of Kapuluan Vista Resort One of the resorts on the Blue Lagoon side of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte is the Kapuluan Vista Resort. Its designer used traditional nipa for the roof, and also used stone, wood and bamboo lavishly in its interiors.
 beach of Kapuluan Vista Resort beach of Kapuluan Vista Resort Unfortunately, the beach right in front of Kapuluan Vista isn't very nice. It is narrow and rocky, the water is full of seaweeds, and Blue Lagoon is several hundred meters up the muddy road. The name of the resort is apt, though, with beautiful views of the small islands just offshore.
 dining room of Kapuluan Vista Resort Though we didn't stay at Kapuluan Vista when we were in Pagudpud, someone had recommended their restaurant to us, so we decided to go there for lunch.
 tuna ceviche of Kapuluan Vista Resort garden salad of Kapuluan Vista Resort taco of Kapuluan Vista Resort We were not disappointed. Kapuluan Vista has its own organic herb and vegetable garden, so we chose dishes which make full use of that fact. The lightly-seasoned fresh tuna ceviche was wonderful, the garden salad was a delightful combination of textures and flavors, and the tacos were buried under the crunchiest lettuce. There was one thing our friend forgot to tell us, though: the servings are huge! Since we also ordered empanadas, we ended up doggie-bagging more than half of our order.


Oakland Daily Photo said...

This has a very luxe appeal even if the beach isn't perfect. Lunch looks fab! I didn't know tacos existed in the Philippines.

Reena said...

It's so nice! We stayed in a different hotel when we were in Ilocos Norte last year. Merry Christmas!

Tamera said...

Oh that food looks delicious! And hey, the beach may not be perfect but it looks like paradise from here in chilly Colorado!

Lowell said...

Kapulan Vista looks to be a nice place just to get away - it's too bad about the beach but the views may make up for it.

That food looks fabulous and your photos made me hungry even though I just finished breakfast!

Unknown said...

Wonderful architecture, cozy interiors and great location. Happy Christmnas.

Unknown said...

One of these days I'll visit the Philippines. My mother was born in Negros Occidental and I would dearly like to see where she was from.

(came by through Dixie)