December 28, 2012

The whole hog

Inside Glory Hogs restaurant (see yesterday's post) is a wooden silhouette of pork cuts with identifying numbers… pork cuts sign at Glory Hogs restaurant 
whose corresponding prices are listed on a chalkboard beside it. You choose which cut you want but you can't choose how it is cooked. And their basic method of cooking: fried. pork cuts price list at Glory Hogs restaurant 
To be honest, I found the prices too expensive for the size of the servings and there really wasn't anything special with their marinade or dipping sauces either. Even the frying left a lot to be desired—the skin wasn't perfectly crunchy. Glory Hogs has other dishes on their menu, though, and they actually sound more interesting than the novelty of having all the parts of a pig available in a restaurant. If we ever go back there, I'm going to choose from the non-pork menu.


Cezar and Léia said...

I confess I have no idea about prices and so on... anyway I like the draw of the pig! :)
And I'm sure I would order a salad!

Rob Siemann said...

Think I'll have some of the big foot, goes with my size 45... I heard the expression glory hog several times before, a person who takes all the glory for himself. Therefore, to be true to their name, their food has to be fantastic. said...

My wife has a client whose children raise hogs and other farm animals. He got her to buy a pig, then the kids fattened him up, etc., a butcher did his job, and we ended up with 180 pounds of every type of pork cut in our freezer. We have been having parties where we invite friends to come over and help cook different types of pork in different ways for multi-course meals. No one has fried anything.

Lowell said...

Hmmm. Lois Anne's a vegetarian, so we probably would not patronize this restaurant. But the pig does remind me of the old story about a pig and a chicken trying to decide what to have for breakfast.

The chicken suggested bacon and eggs. The pig vehemently protested. The chicken asked why. The pig said, "Well, for you it involves merely a contribution, but for me it's a total commitment!"