May 3, 2008

Is King Arthur in Manila?

I find this one of the most surreal buildings in Metro Manila: Camelot Hotel along Mother Ignacia Avenue in Quezon City. I don't remember the year it went up, but I was still young and even back then I thought the concept strange. Whatever possessed the owner to build a pseudo-castle in the middle of Quezon City? I've never been there, much less stayed there, but it must be doing good business because it's still a hotel after all these years. Pardon the washed out colors please—I was pretty far when I took this and my camera's lens obviously can't handle the distance.

Camelot Hotel in Quezon City, Philippines


Girl Around Ateneo said...

Ms Hilda, dati akong nagtatrabaho malapit sa hotel na yan nung nasa magazine pa ako. Isang araw, tinopak kami ng officemate ko, so kunwari bumili kami ng merienda sa labas pero ang totoo, bumisita kami sa Camelot Hotel. Amoy luma yung loob! Kulob na kulob, tas madilim, parang dungeon. Hehehe. =)

Hilda said...

A friend of Exie who's now in NY wrote this in the Multiply mirror:

It was built in the early 80s by an AFP colonel who also owned the King Arthur's Motel in Pasig (a similar, castle-like structure). I believe Camelot was an attempt to move up from the short-time business into more legit territory. If I recall correctly, the colonel discovered his penchant for turrets and moats after a visit to Disneyland. Apart from its misplaced architecture, Camelot gained added notoriety when Gringo Honasan used it as a staging platform for his failed coup attempt in 1987. The AFP launched an attack, shelling the building with mortars. Camelot has since changed ownership.

mcabardo said...

Do you know the name of the colonel? :)