May 28, 2008

Load me

This is my neighbor's gate across the street. The wife is a stay-at-home mom and has a little business going on the side—loading credit for prepaid cellphones. The Philippines is supposedly the texting capital of the world, and most people choose prepaid lines rather than subscriptions because one can buy credit in small increments. This has spawned an entire industry of selling phone credit, and these banners can be found all over Metro Manila. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a business agreement with the service providers. She sells load (that's what Filipinos call cellphone credit) to two of the biggest cellphone companies in the Philippines: Smart and Globe.

Smart and Globe banners


Batang Kyusi said...

i wonder how your neighbor feels about the recent proposal for "free texting". btw, thanks for dropping by. appreciate it.

Cavite Daily Photos said...

ohhhh myy goshhh Is this my Friend Happy from multiply? WooW!!!! I'm soooo proud of you! Y didn't you tell me! You're one of the best and first persons I've known throughout this Daily Photo Experience! Do you still remember me? Steven?