May 11, 2008

A little more secure

The neighborhood where we live was never meant to be a gated community. But break-ins and robberies are now so rampant in Metro Manila that our neighborhood association closed off all streets with access to the main road except for one. That road now has a little guardhouse with two security guards at any given time who scrutinize—and log—all vehicles and individuals coming in and out of the neighborhood. There's even a phone in that little structure, and you can call the guards for help in getting a taxi cab. Mighty convenient when it's extremely hot or when it's raining.

U.P. Village guardhouse


• Eliane • said...

Brrr, too bad they had to build that but at least you must feel safer. And, you can get cab service!
Your picture of yesterday is beautiful: what a gorgeous sky, like a painting.
The day you visit New York, you will have to see the Guggenheim for yourself. I need to go there myself and take more pictures. There's an exhibition currently that looks really interesting.


i didnt realise it could evr be unsafe to enter a neighbourhood - what an insight!