January 23, 2012

Serenity amidst confusion

Chinese gazebo beside a pond in the Chinese Garden of the Rizal Park
A gazebo over a tiny pond in the Chinese Garden of the Rizal Park.

I was going to wish you all peace, prosperity, success, good health and happiness in this year of the Water Dragon, but I just found out that the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar is not necessarily the same as the first day of the Chinese astrological calendar. The Water Dragon year begins on February 4 and until then, we are still in the Metal Rabbit year. I must say that I find it all terribly confusing. So a simple

Happy Chinese New Year!

has to suffice.


Dharma Owl said...

yeah, me too...these different calendars are just confusing...anyways, planning to visit again a temple nearby where there's a Chinese Lantern Festival. Beautiful photo, btw.

Olivier said...

magnifique ce jardin japonais, tres zen, j'adore

Tamera said...

The Chinese garden is my favorite memory of Rizal Park. So serene. Happy Chinese New Year to you as well!

Dina said...

Oh really? I just wished my Chinese friends happy new year. Oh well, let's make it happy whatever year it is.

Karl said...

Nice and peaceful scene, really a lovely photo! Happy Chinese New Year also to you.