January 5, 2012


Suntrust Capitol Plaza beginning construction
Back in May 2009, I posted a photo of this enormous building that has stood unfinished for ages at the back of Quezon City Hall. I still don't know anything about its original owners or what happened, but it has finally been bought by Suntrust Properties and will become a residential condominium building named Capitol Plaza. I just hope that the new developer is making sure that the structure is still stable before they begin finishing it.


Dina said...

Yes, unused buildings are sad. Good that this one will get some life soon.

Your new profile picture is cute, Hilda.

Lowell said...

Stability would be important, I'd think! :-)

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, but it's nice that it will become a finished product.

I wonder if Suntrust Properties is the same Suntrust that is active in Florida and other places in the U.S.

George said...

It's good that plans are in the works to finish and use this building, although I agree that a thorough study of the building's integrity needs to be undertaken first.

Anonymous said...

That Building is an Eyesore to the fleeting grandiose building of Central Quezon City.
Hope they Fix it up...

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