February 10, 2012

Of clay and water, leaves and wood

Follow us
ceramic fish on a path in Ugu Bigyan Potter's Garden

to the home,
house of Ugu Bigyan

garden patio at the house of Ugu Bigyan

and workshop of master potter Ugu Bigyan,
pottery showroom of Ugu Bigyan

whose art is inspired by the leaves and roots of plants which abound in his spacious garden,
mossy pond with stone frog at Ugu Bigyan Potter's Garden

where one can sit or lounge,
small nipa hut with lounge chairs at Ugu Bigyan Potter's Garden

or take a siesta on bamboo, surrounded by bamboo;
small nipa hut with a bamboo daybed at Ugu Bigyan Potter's Garden

and, if you call in advance, the master potter will don a different apron and cook for you.
nipa hut with a dining table at Ugu Bigyan Potter's Garden

Ugu Bigyan Potter's Garden is located in the town of Tiaong in the province of Quezon, about 100 kilometers southeast of Manila.


Babooshka JH said...

How cool are those fish! Lovely virtual wanders round your images


Good capture, I realy liked, funny .

Cezar and Léia said...

This place is plenty of charming!Love the potteries!

Rob Siemann said...

Being an eager potter myself, I would loose myself in this place...

Oakland Daily Photo said...

What a luxurious place to live and work. Pottery has been good to him! Love the fish in the walkway. they look like they're swimming in a stream. I wondered if he made plates as well as bowls; that platter answered my question and set me to wanting, really wanting it!

J.C. said...

I love the garden, it's so welcoming!

JM said...

I just love this place! It's beautiful.