February 11, 2012


bowls by Ugu Bigyan
I do not know anything about pottery or ceramics, but I do know that I like the creations of Quezon potter Ugu Bigyan (see yesterday's post). I love how he uses organic patterns and shapes, and especially how he mixes textures—all of which result in pieces that are a delight to see and to touch. Take these bowls as an example. They are pinched, pushed and pulled after first being shaped perfectly on the wheel. The exterior is left unglazed, and the creamy white clay has speckles of brown in different shades. The colors inside the bowl run into each other like clouds, the glaze is matte in some areas and glossy in others, and the bottom has a whimsical spiral [inspired by pako (fiddlehead fern), maybe?]. You know you have an authentic Ugu Bigyan piece when you see his distinctive signature at the bottom or the back.