December 11, 2012

Noah's ark

welcome arch to Plet Bolipata's 'imagiNATION' exhibit at the Ateneo de Manila University Welcome to Plet Bolipata-Borlongan's imagiNATION exhibit at the Ateneo de Manila University, where benches similar to yesterday's bathtub loveseat now grace the gardens, flanked by pairs of lacy metal animals accented by crochet and painted soda cans. Plet's wonderland (installed earlier in the year at the Bonifacio Global City), however, was inspired by a serious occurrence: the calamitous floods that the Philippines experiences several times a year because of typhoons. From the artist's notes:
    The idea of rain brings me back to the story of Noah and his Ark:
      Seeing the wickedness of man, God commanded Noah to build an ark, a large vessel that would contain himself, his family and the animals of the world in order to save them from the Great Flood that would destroy as well as cleanse the world. (Genesis, Chapters 6–9)
    As a nation, we suffer yearly from a deluge of floods as the rain pounds on us. In the conclusion of Noah's story, when the floods subsided and God's anger abated, God promised Noah he would never send a flood again. I'd like my installation to be a reminder that we need not be afraid for God will keep us safe.
    imaGINATION is an interpretation of Noah's story. Except, instead of an ark, I use bathtubs which are also vessels. I combine life-size metal doodled animals with mosaic bathtubs. Instead of keeping people and animals afloat on water, they do the opposite and carry water. They serve as basins for cleansing and when unclogged, allow water to escape. The bathtubs are mini-arks that serve several functions: as reminders of how dual water can be—an element of both life and death, and as vehicles which can transport viewers into a world of imagination. The installation also offers solace. By sitting in the bathtubs, viewers are rescued from stress and strain which allow them to fully enjoy and appreciate the preciousness of life.


Photo Cache said...

happy holidays.

Lowell said...

Very interesting! You do know about floods and I've been reading about the recent disaster to hit your land. Hope that you made it through unscathed.

Nice to hear from you again!

EG CameraGirl said...

I like the artist's concept here. Yes we have heard quite a bit about the recent disastrous typhoons in the Philippines!