December 9, 2012

The long and winding road

Patapat Viaduct The Patapat Viaduct is an elevated, winding highway at the Northwestern tip of Luzon Island, which is the biggest island in the Philippines. The bridge weaves around coastal hills which mark one end of Luzon's Cordillera Mountain Range, and connects the provinces of Ilocos Norte and Cagayan Valley. The Patapat Viaduct needs a couple of viewing platforms along its 1.3 kilometer length, however, where tourists can safely stop to appreciate its construction, and enjoy the magnificent view of lush, steep hills and an utterly empty sea.

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Red Nomad OZ said...

That looks like a sensational drive!! But what a shame the engineers & builders didn't think ahead to the tourists who would LOVE to stop and admire both their artwork and the beauty around it!

Jim said...


Dina said...

A really beautiful way.

I'm so sorry for the loss of life and limb and home caused by Bopha.

Andy said...

This bridge is wonderful and astonishing. With it's scenery the drive must be very impressive.

Inverness Daily Photo said...

Looks like an excellent construction.