December 7, 2012

Only the best

marines guarding the Rizal Shrine From the 2007 Philippine Daily Inquirer article about the honor guards at the shrine of Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal:
    Battle-tested in Basilan and Jolo, a certain brotherhood within the Armed Forces of the Philippines carries out a special kind of mission at the country's Kilometer Zero, where the "enemy" includes the scorching midday sun, heavy downpours, the call of nature, and all sorts of distractions from hecklers and curious promenaders.… The Rizal monument is the only statue in the Philippines provided with an honor guard. For decades, guarding it has been a role exclusively given to corporals and sergeants of the Marine Security and Escort Group (MSEG), mostly soldiers with at least a year or two of combat experience against Moro separatists or communist insurgents.

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Halcyon said...

Doesn't sounds like the best job!