March 14, 2013


bumper to bumper traffic along Julia Vargas Avenue 
During weekends, all the roads which lead to SM Megamall, which has three other malls nearby (Shangri-la Plaza, St. Francis Square and Robinson's Galleria), have bumper to bumper traffic. In Manila, the phrase is almost literal because only a foot or two separate cars from each other.


Revrunner said...

If it was bumper to bumper at 70mph, that would be the Long Island Freeway. :-) said...

The only thing worse than bumper to bumper traffic wold be a mall at the end of the drive.

Unless you need to buy something available only at the mall.

Photo Cache said...

Yeah I remember those long commute to the mall. Long in time not in distance. I bet you could get there faster if you walked.