June 23, 2013

Internal glow

stained glass windows of Mt. Carmel Shrine The evening Mass had ended, but the lights were still on inside the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, allowing us to see its lovely stained glass windows from the outside.

stained glass windows of Mt. Carmel Shrine The windows are on the sides of the church and can't be seen from the street. You have to enter the church's compound to see them. They must be even more magnificent from the inside—where you won't see the metal grills—during the day.


Dina said...

It's fun to see them from the unusual direction. Such beautiful windows. I see Elisabeth greeting Mary (which happens just a short way from my village).

Lowell said...

I love stained-glass windows and these look quite spectacular. Perhaps someday you can sneak inside and get some photos from that perspective?

A couple of years ago we went to a large Catholic church here - beautiful place - and asked the secretary if we could walk around and take photos. She said "no." ??? She'd have to get permission from the bishop (who is 100 miles away in Orlando!). That could take several days. Why would she need to do that?

Being sneaky ourselves we wandered into the nave and took a bunch of photos. Hah! :)

Tamera said...

They are beautiful! You must get some interior shots for us some day, Hilda :^)

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I have taken a lot of photos of stained glass windows from the inside, but I don't think I have ever taken a reverse photo.