June 21, 2013


The chandelier at Hossein's Restaurant—which serves very good Persian, Arabian and Indian cuisine—in Trinoma mall.
 chandelier at Hossein's Restaurant in Trinoma chandelier at Hossein's Restaurant in Trinoma
Just because I like it and the shadows the glass loops throw against the ceiling.


Lowell said...

It's very beautiful. When I saw the word, "loopy," I thought you were going to show an American politician!

Barbara Farr said...

At first glance I thought were CDs. That Lowell is a hoot!

Cezar and Léia said...

This chandelier is so beautiful and elegant, you got wonderful compositions!
*** love Lowell comment! LOL
happy weekend,

VP said...

Amazing and very creative!

JM said...

Fantastic! Both shots are great, Hilda.

Gunn said...

Unique light art !:)
Great images.
I am pleased you looked UP.
Thanks for sharing.