June 18, 2013

Twice lucky

Soon after the short trip that my husband and I took for our anniversary, I went on another trip, this time with my new office. To Boracay and its famed fine, white sand beaches.
 sandcastle in Boracay Boracay's sand artists usually date their daily creations. They make a living through the tips that tourists give them when they have their photos taken with the sandcastles, so "writing" the date makes a lot of sense. Many people end up taking photos of at least one sandcastle for every day of their stay.
 sandcastle in Boracay This was the beach where we had our lunch during our bangka tour of the island. No resorts here, just several bamboo huts serving simple Filipino fare.


Olivier said...

MAGNIFIQUE, bravo aux artistes

Photo Cache said...

I wanna see this place someday.

Lowell said...

Looks like a lovely place to get away. I do admire people who can sculpt things out of any material, even sand!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

This seems like a fun way to spend an afternoon. Love the sand sculpture.