June 17, 2008

Dashboard toys and more

I just couldn't resist taking this shot inside the taxi cab that my husband and I rode to work yesterday morning. Shrek and five other stuffed toys hanging from the windshield and sun visor. On the dashboard was a red pillow and mini brandy glasses with what looked like colored stones. Then, of course, there's the rosary (in this case, several rosaries) hanging from the rearview mirror—a common sight in this mostly Catholic country. In between two of the a/c vents is also a tiny icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And finally, if you look at the mirror on the visor, you'll see the pattern of this guy's seat covers: a gray and tan tiger print!

dashboard of a taxi in Manila


Steve Buser said...

Not sure I would want someone for my driver who doesn't live in the real world.

Olivier said...

tu as une belle collection, de quoi rendre jaloux mon ours en peluche amedée ;o)

you have a beautiful collection, enough to make folks my teddy bear amedée ;o)

Jana said...

How funny!