June 9, 2008

Shoot me

With a flu vaccine, that is. The medical insurance company of the Ateneo de Manila University offered flu vaccinations for the employees of the school and their dependents at a 50% discount—PhP400 (a little less than US$10) instead of the regular PhP800. Needless to say, many of the employees took advantage of the offer. A couple of nurses set up shop in a classroom with their disposable syringes and needles with pre-measured doses of vaccine, cotton balls and alcohol. After my shot, I kept getting asked if it was painful. No it's not. It's just like being bitten by a red ant but the pain doesn't last as long.

flu vaccination


Sometimes I don't, sometimes I do said...

You aren't too bad at stories, either! Enjoyed reading your blog. And I'm pretty sure the flower in your 'White and Simple' post is a periwinkle, though I won't be able to bet my life on it!

Cavite Daily Photos said...

Hello Hilda! Thanks for the welcome back comment! jeje I truly appreciate it! Yah, mejo nagaway kami ng big bro ko eh jeje as in galit to the max sya. pero OK na ngayon jeje

Uhm question lang po, sa ADMU po kayo nagwowork? jeje curious lang po^^


Anonymous said...

Ouch. That stick hurt.

I like the photo.

USelaine said...

Well, there's broken bone hurt, and hypodermic hurt, in my thinking. But they both hurt. 8^)

Ackworth Born said...

We have a free flu jab every winter and it doesn't hurt at all - believe me because I'm very squeamish about needles normally.