June 30, 2008

A novel, visually

My favorite of Migs Villanueva's paintings at the Duetto exhibit. Reflecting her talents as both a painter and a writer, the title of this painting is "Outline of a novel."

Migs Villanueva's painting, 'Outline of a novel'


Olivier said...

je sais pas, mais je pense que la photo n'est pas dans la bon sens, non ?
J'aime ce type d'art, bravo a l'artiste
I do not know, but I think the picture is not in the right direction, is not it?
I like this kind of art, the artist has bravo

Layrayski said...

What creativity! And to think she is also quite superb with the literary arts.

Hilda said...

The photo is the right side up. It's just so top heavy because the curator decided to place the longer painting over the smaller one. ;)

USelaine said...

I really like this one too. Also the one below it.

ken mac said...

thought provoking pics...you could read many different things into those pieces.

Leans said...

Hello, thanks for the comment, very interesting the picture, how are you? I hope fine. From Argentina a lot of salutes.