June 7, 2008

Fill 'er up!

The business end of a Petron gas station. None of the gas stations here in Metro Manila are self-service, even though the pumps are automatic. All are crewed by young men who, after punching in the number of liters you want or the amount you're willing to spend, offer to check your water or clean your windshield. Then they get your payment, take it to the cashier, then bring you back your receipt.

Petron gas station


ken mac said...

Love those colors!

Thanks for all your help Hilda. You were the first one to notify me that my blog had finally updated. You have a big heart! (and a good eye!)

Anonymous said...

All of that stuff the boys do is what all the gas stations used to do everywhere in America but that ended shortly after World War II. Now you hope nobody offers to do anything. Cars are too complicated to have them mess around.

I like your photo of your gas station as it is even more modern than those we have. Our gasoline is now about $3.79 per US Gallon. Today. Tomorrow? Who knows.

USelaine said...

Yeah, we used to have just "full service", then you could choose "self service" if you wanted, and now you can't find "full" service anywhere except Oregon. I went up there about four years ago, and all stations were full service by law! Personally, I like to have my fluids checked once in a while, but have to do it myself.

Nicely done photo.

julia said...

Service would be a real change and our petrol must be about the same price as yours and another rise is imminent.We have known for quite some time really about peak oil.
Saw those art works - I wish we had many more culture exchanges than we do. It is hard work to become part of Asia and belong!
Thanks for calling in.