January 29, 2013

Pocket jungle

overgrown yard The house across ours has been empty for about half a year now. It was supposedly bought by a developer who was going to build row houses, but nothing has been done yet and we have not even seen a shadow of the new owner. In the meantime, the trees, vines and grass have so grown unchecked that the house can hardly be seen anymore.

By great luck, one of our barangay security was walking down the street when I was taking this photo. I guess that was only when he took a hard look at the state of the property, because the next day, there was a small army of barangay ecoworkers mowing the grass and trimming the trees.


buecherdidi said...

Hi Hilda,
reading your blog is just now an hello from the future, because your entry is of January 29, and we still have January 28 in Germany. Please have a look an my blog http://projektmanila.blogspot.de where your work is mentioned (sorry, it's in German)- my blog is a project to prepare my next visit to the Philippines. We planned it for this year, bt now, we have a baby and come over there only one year later, in 2014. Hello to you and hello to your husband! Dieter (Augsburg, Germany)

Lowell said...

This is another good example as to the beneficial aspects of photography!

Your area is much like Florida, only probably more so. Leave a property untended here, and it will soon disappear in a sea of green stuff!

Cezar and Léia said...

I like a lot and I think green is always positive!