July 23, 2008


I finally got to visit Makati City again last week, but since it was work-related, I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures. I took this picture from the fifth-floor deck of the building we had to go to. My colleague and I saw the name on top of the building, Fraser Place, and because we could see living and dining rooms through the windows, we thought it was a condominium. I looked it up on the web, of course. Its complete name is Fraser Place Manila and it styles itself as a "hotel apartment." Some travel sites call it "serviced residences." What makes it different from a regular hotel? You don't get just a bedroom with a sitting area. You get a complete apartment—foyer, living, dining, kitchen, utility, powder room—from one to four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The master's bedroom has a walk-in closet, and there's even a bedroom and bathroom for a live-in maid or cook. What makes Fraser Place different from regular apartments? The rates cover utilities (power, water, gas), daily housekeeping, a shuttle service to and from business districts and commercial centers, and a parking slot for one vehicle. I took a look at the rates, and the cost of staying one night in this luxurious serviced residence is more than what a minimum wage earner in Metro Manila earns in one month.

Fraser Place Manila


Mo said...

So I guess only expats on high paying jobs get to use them then.

Olivier said...

une superbe architecture, tout en verre, ce qui fait de beau reflet.
cela fait combien 6 600 PHP en dollar ?

a superb architecture, while glass, which makes beautiful reflection.
this is how 6 600 PHP in dollar?

Boise Diva said...

Exactly who DOES stay there, or live there?

Hilda said...

Mo's right about the residents.

The one-bedroom that goes for PhP15,500 per night—that's about US$350.

melanie said...

Ca fait plaisir de voir qu'il y a des gens riches ! En France, 8 millions de personnes ont moins de 10 000 euros par an et, à Paris, il y a des hôtels à 10 000 et 20 000 euros la nuit !

Le Fraser Palace Manilla est bien beau quand même, à la nuit tombante

Layrayski said...

Mmm... Nice to know how some rich people spend their money. Hehe

babooshka said...

Mo has got in one hasn't he. It's so wrong in thos world the differential from the have and have nots. On the photo front it's a wonderful image swathed in that blue light.

Sailor Girl said...

thanks for the visit and comment. I've put an explanation!

Love, from Lisbon!!!!

Identity Crisis said...

Beautiful building!