May 28, 2009

Corregidor: The views

Though the views from the top of the Spanish lighthouse must be really amazing, it's not really necessary to go up its steep spiral steps to appreciate the views around Corregidor Island. It is only 5 square kilometers (about 2 square miles) in size after all. This is what it looks like through the tinted front windows of the ferry as we're arriving. Corregidor is shaped like a tadpole and the bulkiest part of the island would be the head.

view of Corregidor Island from the ferry

Corregidor Island divides the mouth of Manila Bay into the North and South Channels. This is the view of the North Dock, North Channel and the hills of the Bataan Peninsula from the entrance of Corregidor Inn.

view of the North Dock, North Channel and the hills of the Bataan Peninsula from the entrance of Corregidor Inn

From the other side of the hotel, you can see the South Dock, South Channel and the mainland of the province of Cavite, which Corregidor is a part of.

view of the South Dock, South Channel and the hills of Cavite from the dining room of Corregidor Inn

Another view of the South Channel, this time from the Japanese Garden of Peace. The island on the left is Caballo Island, also known as Fort Hughes. Caballo and two other islands in the South Channel—El Fraile (Fort Drum) and Carabao Island (Fort Frank)—were also part of the harbor defenses built by the Americans.

Caballo Island, also known as Fort Hughes, in the South Channel as seen from Corregidor Island

The tadpole's tail as seen from the Eternal Flame of Freedom monument. The tip, separated from the rest of the island by a narrow channel of water, is called Hooker Point.

the tail end of the tadpole-shaped Corregidor Island

Saying goodbye to Corregidor Island from the ferry's open deck as the sun sets over Manila Bay.

Corregidor Island from the back of the ferry during sunset

And thus ends my Corregidor Island series. Thank you for coming on the trip with us! CORREGIDOR ISLAND SERIES #7 OF 7

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Frank said...

What a gorgeous place. And so steeped in history. It's amazing how such a natural beauty could have seen such war and suffering. Thank you for excellent photos showing how peaceful and wonderful it is today.

Lois said...

Thanks again for the tour of this wonderful place Hilda.

Olivier said...

des photos de paysages magnifiques, merci pour cette promenade virtuelle
photographs of splendid landscapes, thank you for this virtual promenade

Cezar and Léia said...

Very nice pictures, wonderful post!
Léia & Cezar

Halcyon said...

Thank you for taking us along! It was a wonderful trip.

PS: I was playing a trivia game the other day and there was a question about some of the islands around the Philippines. I was the only one who got it right - thanks to reading your blog. :)

Jacob said...

Thank you, Hilda, for providing us with these wonderful photographs and meaningful commentary.

It's hard to believe that these gorgeous sites were once places of bloodshed, terror and mayhem as human beings tried to kill each other for ?????

Your work here is much appreciated!

Babooshka said...

What a wonderful virtual journey through such a troubled place historically. The last image is tremendous and I just keep thinking- should be added to skywatch so more people get to see it.

Pam said...

The views of your trip to Corregidor Island are beautiful, thanks for the Journey, Hilda.
Have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Louis la Vache said...

World War II history buff «Louis» has certainly appreciated your Corregidor series!

Hilda, please send «Louis» an e-mail. When he tries to e-mail you using the address he has, the message is returned saying the account is not valid. Merci!

the donG said...

i believe that visiting corregidor is something tourists from other countries should see.

this island being in the mouth makes it a perfect battle station.l

Don and Krise said...

Yes, another thank you Hilda. You did a wonderful job of taking us all on the tour with you. Very interesting also.

Vogon Poet said...

It's not easy to see the bloody past in this idilliac setting. Enchanting images of a place so full of history.

Lisa Wilson said...

It looks so beautiful and warm! That second one should be a postcard or framed. :)

George said...

Thanks for the beautiful views of Corregidor as well as for the entire series. I really enjoyed it.

Tash said...

Thank you for the enlightening tour and splendid series. The island is so very beautiful and your shots really show it off. Previously, I knew it also only from the Battle of Corregidor.

Karen ~Georgia Angel aka ~Leah Rose's Mom said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for the tour.