May 8, 2011

The first cross

The "Planting of the First Cross" by Philippine National Artist for Painting Vicente S. Manansala (b. 22 January 1910, d. 22 August 1981) is a cherished part of the National Museum's visual arts collection. From the museum's notes:

    The painting depicts the planting of the cross in Cebu in 1521 with Ferdinand Magellan, Spanish soldiers and the natives with intricate tattoos known as pintados. The original cross can still be found in a special kiosk in Cebu City. This mural painting is one of the best representations of historical artwork in the collection. Manansala’s rendition is an amalgamation of the traditional and modern techniques in painting. It also manifests his mastery of transparent cubism. The artwork was commissioned by the national government in celebration of the 400 years of Philippine Christianization held in Cebu in 1965.

Vicente Manansala's 'Planting of the First Cross'


Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour dear Hilda!
It's a beautiful painting and it describes an important moment!
A lovely Sunday for you!

JM said...

A Portuguese who served a Spanish king! :-)

Kaori said...

What a lovely painting filled with historic details! Have you seen the actual cross?

Milanblogger said...

thank to show us this great masterpiece