May 11, 2011

The lake caused by selfishness

While most of our officemates slept off our delicious lunch back at Casa San Pablo, four of us decided to go on a drive around Lake Sampaloc (Tamarind). Though it is only one square kilometer, it is the largest of the seven interconnected freshwater crater lakes of San Pablo and is located right in the heart of the city.

Lake Sampaloc in San Pablo City

Mount Banahaw looms over one side of the lake and there are many smaller hills all around it.

Lake Sampaloc in San Pablo City

With overcrowded fish pens studding the lake, the overuse of commercial fish feed, and numerous makeshift huts without proper waste disposal systems on stilts along its shores, Lake Sampaloc is considered threatened and needs rehabilitation. The Friends of the Seven Lakes Foundation is working towards that and educating the communities around the lake, but I think that the city government of San Pablo also has to be stricter in implementing environmental and building laws in the areas around the lakes.

Lake Sampaloc in San Pablo City

In case you're wondering about my title, it is based on the Legend of Lake Sampaloc.


George said...

It's a shame that this lake is so threatened. It's in a beautiful setting, and I hope it can be saved.

Olivier said...

des paysages magiques, c'est superbe

Cezar and Léia said...

I'm really enchanted by these pictures, the last one has so strong green energy.This lake is magic!

Kaori said...

It does look like a very nice lake, especially from your second photo. Gorgeous! But I hope it recieves the rehabilitation that is needed :D

JM said...

Hilda, you made my day by posting the bottom shot. I just love that setting! Now I'm feeling nostalgic, have to travel to the tropics really soon. :-)

Jacob said...

It is so sad to hear another example of how we humans tend to spoil our earthly home!

And it is a beautiful lake, too. But let's hope it is rehabilitated! I remember when you could develop film in Lake Erie (seriously!) it was so loaded with chemicals. But now it has been cleaned up and is once again a viable body of water.

Photo Cache said...

i enjoyed the last image a lot. it's like a poster for relaxation.

where have you been?