May 24, 2011

Limited partnership

The company that developed Hacienda de Mandaloyon (see yesterday's post) into what is now Greenhills and Ortigas Center was incorporated as a limited partnership named Ortigas, Madrigal y cia., S. en C. (sociedad comanditaria por acciones) in 1931. There were several changes in the partnership between the 1920 sale and its incorporation, and in 1931, the company's partners were Francisco Ortigas, Vicente Madrigal, B.C.M. Johnston, Fulgencio Borromeo, Clyde A. Dewitt and Manuel L. Quezon.

founding partners of Ortigas and Company


Kaori said...

Do they look like the real people, I wonder? :D

Dina said...

That's a wonderful idea.

Beema Villar said...

Hi ! Nice find! My husband Enrique Borromeo Villar is the son of Josefina Borromeo (married to Roberto Villar), daughter of Don Fulgencio Borromeo