May 17, 2011


Bukal ng Tipan is situated on a hilltop (Maryhill) and has commanding views of the towns of Rizal Province and the cities of Metro Manila (MM). From this height, the skyscrapers of the cities of Pasig, Makati and Taguig suddenly look quite puny.

the view from Bukal ng Tipan spirituality center

With the backlighting provided by a setting sun, one can even see the skyscrapers of distant Manila and Pasay cities.

the view from Bukal ng Tipan spirituality center

Our weather has been really strange, with strong rains—and even a typhoon, Bebeng (Aere)—in the middle of what is supposed to be our summer. Combined with Metro Manila's air pollution, one can hardly see the metro during an overcast day.

the view from Bukal ng Tipan spirituality center


Anonymous said...

The city feels indeed as if growing, growing, growing; maybe a bit like over here.

Wishing you a kind Tuesday and better weather as well.

daily athens

brattcat said...

such amazing light in the middle shot.

Cezar and Léia said...

Beautiful pictures! I also love that sky full of lights!

Jacob said...

What incredible sights! That smog, though, doesn't look so good. I agree with the others that the light in the second shot is magnifique...which could be due to the smog! Irony!

Louis la Vache said...

Indeed, that middle shot is wonderfully illuminated.

The San Francisco Bay Area's weather pattern, like yours, is unusual for the time of year. The rainy season is usually over by Easter - but not this year. The good news of that is the reservoirs are full and there will be no water rationing this year.

Lois said...

I just love that picture in the middle Hilda. It is so dramatic!

VP said...

Sad, but spectacular in its own way...

JM said...

I just love the shot in the middle. What a fantastic composition, well done!

Thank you so much for the nice comment, very kind of you, Hilda.

Anonymous said...

We're also experiencing strange weather in our country. Like last year, the year was like a long rainy season, didn't have any dry season like we used to have. In a way, it was a good thing, except for the occasional floods and real bad traffic.

antonette298 said...

Yeah, weather has been really strange. Sometimes it should be sunny season but we experience heavy rains. Hope I can enjoy my vacation this summer.
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